Things I’ve done this week: Week 9

My word has it been a busy week to write about gaming. What with the endless slew of news, announcements and previews that hit us for E3 I was kept pretty busy writing up all sorts of things that most sounded like “Wow this looks coo, but lets hang back on going rabid for it”

First we got Bethesda stealing the show right from the start with their press conference, revealing Fallout 4, Dishonored an DOOM. It was a pretty great showing from them for their first time at E3 and really just gave the fans what they wanted. In will be interesting to see if they can continue to bring such a strong showing to future E3s or whether they rode the tidal wave of Fallout 4 love.

Next I covered the Ubisoft convention and I was mildly pleased to see the new games they announced with For Honor being a particular highlight for me. Of course they showed off the next Assassin’s Creed and it only helped confirm to me that I don’t want to play it. If they made another game with the pirate stuff that would be awesome, but as long as it’s the boring old assassins I don’t give a crap. I must say I was very surprised that Ubisoft didn’t announce Watch Dogs 2 or Far Cry 5. These games are undoubtedly in the works but maybe their starting to learn their lesson and spacing those games out more.

Then came EA with their conference which is what autopliot looks like in terms of conferences, nothing that ground breaking or innovative, just some sports games, a guy everyone kinda assumed was dead and a few good games we probably won’t buy full price.

To wrap up the whole event I decided to talk about the games that I really liked the look of and will probably be covering in the future. Fallout 4 and South Park: Fractured but Whole (That name still makes me giggle) are perhaps the two I’m most looking forward to, but honestly I think they all look like great games in their own right and I can’t wait to see how Horizon Zero Dawn shapes up.

Then game the sad part of E3, The Last Guardian, shambling on to stage and everyone just kinda hoping it wouldn’t be too bad. Maybe I’m just being a tad cruel to the game but I really don’t see it as anything more than a relic of an age past. I wrote my comphensive thoughts on the matter here.

So what next? well on Tuesday I finally get my grubby mitts on Batman Arkham Knight which i’m confidant will be great because Polygon gave it a bloody 10/10! seriously, wow. I’ve got some reservations after Arkham Origins but honestly now it’s back in Rocksteady’s hands I’m sure it will be great. However I will stop playing immediately if the Arkham Knight turns out to be the Joker.

On Monday I’ll also be wrapping up my coverage on Witcher 3 with some finally thoughts on the game. I have yet completed it, and probably won’t for a few more weeks. It’s a great game but I’m just finding the leveling to be such a slog at the moment I’m not really enjoying my time with it. I’ll give a more comphensive wrap up on the game tomorrow then maybe do a few blogs about Batman (Then my birthday on Saturday If you want to leave me a present)


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