Batman Arkham Knight Thoughts Part 1

Let us talk about Batman: Arkham Knight shall we? With it’s recent release and the fact I’m a huge fan of the Arkham series and Batman I’ve been waiting for this game with some what baited breath. I’ve played each of the games in the main series several times over (Yes, I’m including Origins in that) and I count them as perhaps my favorite triple A series. Now this may have you worried that I’m a bit of a fanboy for all things caped crusade, who can’t see the problems the series has and is blind to some of the more iffy parts of the Batman canon. But fear not gentle viewer, after taking a long, cold bath and reading a the comic where the Joker becomes the ambassador of Iran (Yes, that did happen) I’m ready to take a cool, detached look at what some in my head are already calling “A Game)

Oh, Dear god I’m sorry for PC users – Some series have never had a good track record on PC, and the Arkham games have sadly always been one of those. City was poorly optimized but fixed and Origins was a buggy mess long after launch (Which didn’t stop me finishing it twice)  But this time around Rocksteady have really let themselves down with the port of Arkham Knight, Running poorly on even the heftiest machines, this game is in dire need of patching right now. It’s such a shame that most of the talk on twitter about this game has been focused on the poor performance but it’s right that is because devs need to be held accountable for their shoddy work. We’re luck now that Steam has a refund policy in action now because a lot of people are up in arms and are demanding their money back. Hopefully in the near future these problems will be fixed because at it’s core it’s a pretty dam good game.

Bad first impression – Now when the game was delivered to my door, I was as giddy as a kipper to get playing, so I turned on my PS4, ejected Witcher 3 and replaced it with AK. Then came the mandatory install period, which took just long enough to go get a drink and stroke a cat in my garden (Not my cat). I returned to find the game awaiting my touch, but upon pressing the start button I was told I needed to wait another nine minutes for the install. The cat was gone, I was no longer thirsty. So I waited about 10 minutes before it at last loaded, 10 minutes in the grand scheme of things is nothing but it did make me think “Are we already pushing next-gen to it’s limits?” just a thought.

Even Batman needs a Tutorial – I’ll try not to spoil the opening too much but I will say it does a piss poor job of introducing you to the mechanics of the game. As a veteran of countless play-throughs of each game, I manged to learn the ropes of the game pretty swiftly but to those who don’t the first hour of that game would be terrible confusing. You’re given so many gadgets to play with, the batmobile (more on her later) and a wide open world that it must be pretty overwhelming to newcomers.

Too many things, not enough buttons – Now when I played all the other games, I did so on PC where it’s fair to say buttons are plentiful. But being a dirty PS4 user I got the game for that system and found that the game blew my mind with all the different button combinations I had to learn. It was pretty overwhelming at first and I found myself jumping over people all the time just to buy time until I learnt how to use a certain item. I’ve started to learn how to use everything effectively so this is no longer an issue.

Now all these thoughts are only after about 7 hours of play and really only cover the basics of the game. Over the next few weeks I’ll be sure to write more about the game, it’s story and yes the bat-mobile


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