Things I’ve done this Week: Week 10

Batman, I’ve played a shit ton of Batman ok! With the release of the finale of my favourite game series I have been playing Batman Arkham Knight as much as I possibly can. While it’s no where near the size of say Witcher 3 or GTAV it’s still a dense game with a whole heap of stuff to do and for me to write about. I’m close to finishing it off in the next few days and from there I’ll probably start writing a whole bunch about it on topic including – Spoiler Warning

  • The issue the game has with it’s female characters (3 strong characters, all killed off or depowered in some way)
  • The discovery of who the knight was and why it’s both good and disappointing
  • The problems with the Bat-mobile
  • The (Spoilers Alert) Return of the Joker (kinda)
  • Anything else that crosses my mind.

I dare say over the next week I’ll be writing so much about that game that you’ll probably get a bit sick of it. I’ve also started to compile a primer on the Arkham-verse of games for those who can’t quite remember some of the ins and outs of the series or who just don’t know much about it. That primer will most likely go up by Wednesday of next week so look forward to that. Of course I’ve also written some of my first impressions on the game on this blog already which you can find here. Those were written up pretty quickly and I’m not quite sure I stand by all of them now after further play time, but I’ll be sure to address those issues soon.

What else have I been doing? Did I mention I’ve been playing Batman Arkham Aslyum? Well I have and I’ve even started recording footage of the game as well for my youtube channel, here is the first episode which I kinda fucked up the audio for so sorry about that, but I hope you enjoy it

I’ve got four episodes in the bag but am I having some issue with getting Arkham Asylum working on my PC thanks to the games age (It came out in 2008 after all). Now since I got it working once I’m sure I can get it working again and this is a video series that I would like to complete because of how great the game is. If I do end up finishing it I’ll most likely also do a series on Arkham City some time in the near future as well.

As normal I also did a bit of news writing for Indie Haven about a few games I’ve never played so that was fun. Tonight they will be recording the 100th episode of the Indie Haven Podcast which I won’t be appearing on but which you should listen to any way.


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