Batman Arkham Knight Thoughts Part 2

I’ve finished it! I beat the game, I’ve hundred percented it, got the secret ‘true’ ending and I am now worthy to call myself Batman! I’ve even started a new game plus which may just kill me. Now this game has so much to write about, most of which I’m chipping away at as you read this, but I thought it was about time I did another run down of some of the smaller things I noticed/liked/disliked in the game.

The Thugs of Gotham are hilarious – One of the lest talked about part of any Arkham game is the snippets of chatter you hear from the thugs on the street when they think no one is listening. When they’re not being beaten up by Batman, the criminals of Gotham are a philosophical bunch,

The Riddler can go fuck himself – or at least who ever designed those race courses, those things are pure evil, and not in a fun way. Much has been written about how the bat-mobile fits into the overall structure of the game, personally I don’t love it or hate it, but those race track sections drive me round the bend! My shit takes better bends than that hunk of junk and the designers knew that full well and still made those race tracks, their existence is blot on the soul of humanity I tell you!

100% the game, still not complete – Yeah, I did that. Don’t ask my why I just did, over the course of several late night (drunken) play sessions I manged to beat every objective and collect every Riddler trophy. You’d think then that I would have maxed out all of the upgrades it’s possible to get in the game, apparently not. I’d say I need to get at least 20-30 upgrade points to get everything in my game mode and there is no way in hell I’m doing that, given how slowly you naturally level up. I dare say it’s to drive the completionist in me to do New Game + which will drive me insane in ways you can’t possibly understand (I’m still planning to try on Monday though) I guess saying that you can’t upgrade everything in one complete play through is a good way of showing how much there is to upgrade, everything from the suit, gadgets, abilities, bat-mobile upgrades and bat-mobile tank upgrades. Most of the upgrades can be pretty handy, having more health, better takedowns etc helps alot, but there are some that are just baffling. I’ve spent at least 2 hours trying to perfect the use of gadgets during flight and I’ve concluded I don’t have enough fingers for that job (Seriously, it’s impossible)

A lot if missing from the challenge packs – One of my favorite parts of any Arkham game is the challenge arenas. Outside of the main story they’re a chance for me to practice different tactics, kick some ass and blow off steam. Imagine then my shock when I found there were barely any in Arkham Knight. Each mode has four maps and it’s the combat maps that are massively under served in this department. Of the four, two is Batman solo, the next is Azreal and the last is Batman and Night Wing fighting side by side. Now in the last few games I could choose which character I was able to play as, and given how this game lets you play as Batman, Catwoman, Nightwing, Robin, Azreal and Harley Quinn (DLC) I thought I’d get to mix and match who was fighting with. Have Night Wing and Robin fight for Batman’s approval, have Catwoman and Harley prove they don’t need no man. It was to be awesome. Alas no, my options are sadly limited and I think I know why.

O yeah, a lot of DLC is coming – Now there is nothing wrong with DLC, but there is something annoying about removing features from the last few games and lining it up so a sap like me will buy them. A feature like the ability to swap out what character i’m using for some silly arena isn’t a big deal, hell modders for PC have already done that for the main game. But when it’s done so blatantly to get me to buy extra stuff, that’s when I start to lose patience with a game I really do like.

So there are some more thoughts on Batman Arkham Knight, I’m off to play Knightmare mode and hate the world around me.


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