Things I’ve done this Week: Week 11

Batman, same as last week, a shit ton of Batman Arkham Knight coverage, so much so that I haven’t wanted to play the game for the last few days and instead have been catching up with Payday 2 and doing research into my next essay for Indie Haven (More on that later)

First off this week I did the Batman Arkham-verse Timeline, a simple but comprehensive guide to the story line that flows through the four main games in the series. Writing it was both a labour of love and a chore as after a while I just stopped caring. It’s a loving mess by the writers, comprised of some of the writers favorite Batman moments with only the smallest semblance of cohesion. It’s a story line that suggests to me that when they were first putting Arkham Asylum together they weren’t sure if it would be a success or not. So from those shaky foundations it was built upon for each game, with the reigns being handed over to a different team for Origins which only muddled things further.

Next I wrote something I’m pretty proud, the Women of Arkham Knight. I do despite myself really like Arkham Knight as a game, but it’s poor handling of the Women support characters is pretty shameful. Oracle was fridged, Cat-woman was made into a damsel in distress while Poison Ivy killed to up the stakes. Compare that to how other supports such as Nightwing and Robin are treated and it’s a pretty hideous gender divide the game has going. As I said, I really do like Arkham Knight but if this series is to continue (which it surely will, out of Rocksteadys hands of course) then whoever writes the next few games needs to get their act in order and remember that women can do more than be captured, we’re passed Princess Peach being captured.

Then came another round up of some more thoughts I’ve had about the game in general. The Bat-mobile is the most devise part of that game, with some loathing it, others despising it. I’ve been listening to other critics talk about it and one in particular on Matt Lee’s Daft Souls Podcast raised the point that Batman comics rarely focus on the Bat-mobile, it’s there in some panels but it rarely plays an integral part to the plot, and in a game where the boss battles have been replaced with Tank based ones, they shifted undue important to what is essentially there if Batman fancies a sit down.

Is that all Batman Stuff? certainly not, I even started doing a video let’s play of Arkham Asylum on my shit Youtube channel. I only recorded four episodes and have since then been unable to get that dam game working again on my PC. Once again proving that the Batman games and PC don’t mix.

I’ll look into get the next 2 episodes up in the next week, and then try my hardest to get the dam thing working on my PC so I can record a lot more of it, because I frankly love that game and want to replay it.

Time for something not caped crusader related, time for some sobering reminds that game sales can do more harm than good. At Indie Haven I do a bit of news and last week wrote up a piece about the Indiependance Day sale, a sale were no prices are reduced. Interested by this piece I contacted the organizer of the event to ask some questions about the sale. The guy was incredibly helpful, answering all my questions in-depth and gave me plenty to think on. Over the next few days I’ll be writing a full piece about the topic for Indie Haven, if you have any thoughts on the matter, please leave a comment.

So that was this week in my work. Busier than most for sure. Over the next few weeks post maybe slowing down as I go to various events, such as birthday parties, cider festivals and some media events in the city of Bristol.

If you’d like more of my mad ramblings, please follow the blog or follow me on Twitter @Cynic8edwards.


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