Things I’ve done this Week: Week 12

Got drunk in a field!

O yeah and a bit more Batman: Arkham Knight coverage as well in the form of my analysis on the Arkham Knight himself. I’m beginning to wrap up my Batman coverage over the next week with only another brief thoughts piece about some minor parts of the game and a bit of an essay on one of my favorite parts of the game.

I decided not to do what I thought was inevitable and write a rant about the Batmobile because my thoughts on that car change day to day, depending usually on whether I’m doing those bloody tank stealth battles or not. I must admit once you learn about some of the cars handling foibles and learn to compensate for them, the driving can be at times fun, especially in the APC chase sequences which can be incredibly thrilling to do. Although the games insistence on going into slow-mo for a few seconds to let you watch a crash is particularly annoying as it pulls the camera to the crash, causing some brief disorientation when the camera snaps back.

The Riddler race tracks are also an abomination that needs to be cleansed from this earth, the last one in particular is the stuff of nightmares and has some sections with if failed can ruin the entire lap. These races are do-able of course so I won’t go so far to say their badly designed, unfortunately they just aren’t fun to play and become a chore very quickly.

As for what else I’ve done this week, troublingly little and it’s probably not going to get much better over the next week. I’ll try  to have something up on Monday and Friday but the rest of the week is likely going to be a write off thanks to some real world commitments.

I also wrote a bit of news for Indie Haven this week that I wouldn’t mind sharing, first up was the news about PewDiePie making big bucks on his channel so congratz to him. Maybe it’s because I’m English but knowing how much some one makes kinda makes me uncomfortable, maybe I’m just being old fashioned, anyway fuck the haters and good for him.

Another news article I wrote was about the Escapist (Not the rapidly decline website) getting a Walking Dead expansion. If you didn’t notice my tone in the article allow me to say I really don’t care about the Walking Dead outside of the Telltale games anymore. What I remember of the show was dull, the comics where meh. I am however interested in the game that Starbreeze of Payday 2 fame are making and look forward to seeing something of that when it eventually appears. Still we’re reaching peak zombie, how about a new monster? like Krakens!

So that has been my week, how was yours? Tell me on Twitter @Cynic8edwards


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