Batman Arkham Knight Thoughts – Wrap Up

All good things must come to an end and so it is with my coverage of Arkham Knight. As a series, the Arkham games are perhaps one of my favorite, they way they bring to life so many iconic characters, and places, the way they capture the feeling of the world and the wonderful stealth and combat gameplay is second to no other game based of an IP that I can think of. That’s not to say their perfect of course, each game has it’s own set of flaws and issues that annoy me to this day, but I can over look them because the over-all package is so enjoyable. So let’s round off my thoughts on Arkham Knight, to prepare for the next game

The Bat-mobile roars, I approve of the roar – Seriously, when you summon the Bat-mobile, its engine roars like a fucking lion and it sounds amazing. Still not a fan of the rest of the car.

Did we really need Joker Back? – Spoilers of course – Yeah, The Joker is back and back in a big way. Through the power of plot contrivances, Joker returns as Batman’s own Tyler Durden. Thanks to the developers clear love for the character, he over shadows both the games living villains and some how becomes the games last confrontation. I do like the Joker, I really do, but wasn’t three games of him enough? Seriously, can we have these games give some spot light to Two-Face, Penguin, or any of the other famous Villains in Batman’s life?

Still not over how badly the game treats it’s women

I quiet like the Billboards – Holy shit am I running low on ideas – One thing I neglected to do was take enough in game photos, if I had, I would have been spending a lot of time looking at various in game billboards. As the game progresses and Batman starts to lose grip of reality, the billboards across the city start to take a Jokerish vibe to them, that really sells the idea of Batman losing his mind. So yeah, cool Billboards.

It’s good but not great – I did really enjoy my time with Arkham Knight, just not as much as I did with my time with City which is still the highlight of the series. If I was to be so gauche as to rate them I’d say Origins would be 4th, Knight 3rd, Aslyum a close 2nd and City number one.

So what’s next for the Played out treatment? As we enter the summer we’re about to hit the annual gaming rut where little in the way of big triple A games are coming out. My guess is the next one I’ll be doing is for Mad Max some time in August, but until then I’ll try and do a few more retrospectives and the like to keep you happy, now I’m off to fail at Rocket League.


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