Things I’ve done this Week: Week 13

My word has this week been a busy one for me, well no on this blog but in the real world I’ve been busy as a bee doing all sorts of fancy stuff, some of which I may put up on the blog in the near future if possible. In the mean time lets break down what I’ve been up to games/writing wise

I’ve started to wrap-up my coverage of Batman Arkham Knight. I’ve written quiet a bit about the game and some of it’s more troubling elements, such as it’s treatment of women and the reveal of who the Knight was, as well as a range of other musings for you to enjoy when you want here and here. As a game I do like Arkham Knight, it’s just not as great as City or Aslyum but that still makes it a pretty fun game that you should maybe check out if it interests you? Haven’t talked about the issues the game has had on PC but my heart does go out to those who have been shafted by Warner Bros atrocious treatment of you. Luckily we live in a time where Steam Refunds will hopefully dissuade other companies from bring out such shoddy PC ports in the future. I’m now looking to the future for the next game to do some in-depth coverage of and so far I’m coming up short, thinking maybe the Mad Max game that’s coming out in September

Also this week I made an appearance on the Indie Haven Podcast and had a wonderful time as always. The other guests were Jose, Laura Kate (Yes, THE Laura Kate of the Podquistion and all that good stuff) as well as Josh Hinke of the Hit Box Podcast. As always the show was great fun and we got to talk about all sorts of nonsense, including me fucking my older brother, a X-Com dating sim and other random chunks of nonsense for you to enjoy. 

Doing that show every so often has given me a real taste for doing more Podcasts and it’s certainly something I’m going to be looking into in the near future. I’ve had an idea in my head for a show that could be quiet fun if I get round to doing it, think of it like a Desert Island Discs of gaming if you will. I’ll need to look into more of the details and logistics but the idea is pretty workable so watch this space.

This week I have been making time to play some new games, including finally getting round to playing Mirror’s Edge, haven’t got far enough in to write a review or anything, but so far I do know that I hate it, no seriously, I really dislike that game. Once I’ve given it more of my time I’ll put something more substantial about it up but until then know I hate that game.

I also revisited the newly patched Darkest Dungeons and they’ve made it even harder to the point it’s almost unplayable! Maybe I’m just shockingly bad at that game, all I know is that I managed to lose the tutorial because both my characters kept missing.

So that’s been my week, any thoughts or ideas please leave a comment, if you like the blog please subscribe and if you like me then follow me on Twitter @Cynic8edwards.


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