4 Favorite Games of 2015 (So Far)

Good Lord! It’s July already? Doesn’t time fly when you’re a handsome devil like myself (Yes, I have been drinking) Since we’re now half way through 2015 I think it’s about time i wrote a short blog about some of the games that have come out so far that I’ve loved. Most of my gaming time has been dedicated to various PS4 games but I’ll be sure to make mention of a few PC games that have captured my heart these past seven months.

1 – Heroes of the Storm 


Surprised? So am I! I so rarely play multiplayer games these days (1 because of bad internet and 2 because other people are the worst) and yet I found myself rather enraptured by Blizzards entry into the rather packed MOBA genre. Playing as an assortment of classic Blizzard characters, you and your team of five must push lanes, take down towers and fight over objectives. Is it better than other MOBAs such as LoL and DOTA, I couldn’t say, what I can say is that it’s terrific and it’s possibly one of the main reasons I’ve been pretty slack in my writing the last few months.

2 – Dying Light


After playing Mirror’s Edge and hating it on a deeply personally level (It offends me how much I hate that game) I decided to see first person parkour done right, so I fell back into the loving arms of Dying Light and it reminded me just how brilliant this game is. The story is shit, the writing hurts and any attempts to be funny are worthy only of a Adam Sandler film (Seriously, did you see Bob Chipman’s review of Pixels, it’s glorious) But when you’re let off the disgusting story leash the game opens up and becomes a play ground of free-running and zombie head smashing. Having started up a new play-through the game starts out wonderfully tense as you have all the running and fighting ability of an asthmatic raccoon, but as you begin to level the possibilities grow and now I dance around with a flaming cricket bad and no man living or dead can stop me.

3 – Batman Arkham Knight

CJQzfq2WwAA3if2 (1)

In the past few weeks I’ve written a lot about this game. Too much. It’s flawed, it’s silly but my god is it fun and as Batman fan it makes me feel like the caped crusader himself (Hopefully without some of the more troublesome politics) I love the feelings of soaring over the city of Gotham, of creeping up on armed thugs and of pulling off outrageous combos. If I only had one word to describe Arkham Knight I would called it Satisfying. A thrilling comic book adventure with some lazy writing and silly priorities but a good game none the less.

4 – Witcher 3

What a Pretty view

What a Pretty view

This game has been out for two months or so and aside from the 3 weeks I spent with Arkham Knight I devoted a lot of time to this game, hell I’ve written quiet a bit about this game as well. If you’re someone who tries to work out if a game is worth your time based on the amount of hours spent playing, then this is probably the only game you’ll need for a good long time. Of course a glut of content doesn’t make a game great, but some parts of this game are really special.

Many more games have of course come out this last 7 months and some like No More Heroes, Bloodborne and Rocket League (Oh dear god is Rocket League awesome) have been very enjoyable and as the year comes to a close I’ll be sure to do a full and more thoughtful run through some of the gaming experiences I’ve had over the last year.


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