Things I’ve done this Week: Week 14

So who’s seen Ant-Man? It’s pretty good ain’t it? nothing amazing but certainly a lot of fun and well worth a watch if you’re into the whole Marvel thing and want to see how they made one of their joke character kinda cool. Anyway, enough about movies, let’s talk games and my writing about them.

First this week I decided to do a good old fashion ‘listicle‘ about some of the games that have come out this year that I’ve enjoyed. Dying Light, Batman AK and Witcher 3 all make an appearance as well as Heroes of the Storm which I really have fallen for in a big way. Is this a complete list of every game I’ve played this year? certainly not, they are instead the ones that have really appealed to me in some way and ones that I’m sure I’ll be revisiting time and time again for a long time. Interesting aside, I learned this week that Listicle articles like Buzzfeed choose to have odd numbers instead of neat 10’s or 5’s as that tricks the reader in some way to reading them. Do I understand why? nope, but it does help to explain articles with random numbers in the title.

Then we had my feature length essay on Journey. Journey is a very special game that I’ve only just now got around to playing for the first time and it’s everything I could have hoped for. It’s heartbreakingly beautiful, with a wonderful art-style and transcendent music. In my first bit of writing about it, I really just tell the story of my first play-through, how the game made me feel, how I almost started weeping at certain sections, the friendships I made with complete strangers. Over the next week, I’ll talk more about Journey for sure so watch this space.

Over on Indie Haven I did another review, this time of the newest Game of Thrones episode by Telltale. It’s a great episode with a lot to love, but with the same old flaws as the last few episodes. Also this week I appeared I’m due to appear on the Indie Haven Podcast again (They can’t get rid of me) so that’s sure to be a good listen when it’s finally released.

So what does the next week hold? Well more journey chat for sure, I’m nowhere near done with that game. Also I’m looking to do some more reviews for Indie Haven, got my eyes on a game called the Swindle which I’m curious to get my hands on.

Anyway, that’s what I’ve been up to this week. If you’ve liked my work please subscribe and leave a comment, also you can follow me on Twitter @Cynic8edwards.


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