Things I’ve done this Week: Week 15

Forgive me, reader, for I have sinned. In the last week, I’ve been a mix of too busy and too lazy to get around to writing anything for this humble blog.  If I may then do plead for your forgiveness, allow me to explain. Part of my work over at Indie Haven (Which you should totally read) Is doing reviews and this week I’ve been reviewing a particularly interesting game called the Swindle. As of yet the review has yet to go live as I mucked some stuff up which delayed the editing processbut rest assured that review will be coming in the next few days.

I’ve also been away for on Friday and Saturday as I was busy visiting friends in London. I should have planned for this, maybe prepared a short post on Rocket League or something to fill the gap, but alas I failed to do so. At the start of the week I was also pretty busy shooting and editing a short documentary for a project I’m doing in Bristol, I’m not sure if I’ll ever get the chance to put it up, but doubtless to say that it was a very time consuming and exhausting process.

So will this content-less week be a regular thing? Well, as I start doing more regular work away from home I’m doubtless going to have less time to write about/play games. However, I will try to push myself as much as I can into doing more in the way of creating content on the days I’m free and spacing it out across the week.

So what have I got planned? Well, I’ve been ruminating on this for some time and I think it’s about time I pulled the trigger and started the “Played Out” Podcast! Working with Indie Haven on their podcast (Go listen to my most recent appearance on it) from time to time has given me a lot of love for the medium and a bit more experience in how to do it. As such over the next few weeks I’ll be putting together the first episode and trying to get it released on Itunes. The show itself will be mostly an interview-based show, where each week I’ll invite a guest on to talk about some of the games in their life that they’ve loved the most and which have truly left their mark on them. If I haven’t got the first episode up by the end of August, please find me and set fire to my clothes to remind me.

So what’s coming up over the next week? We’ll I’m going to be trying to do some videos on the Swindle. Did record my first impressions of the game, but now I know the game a bit better I’ll be doing a few videos showing off my time with the games campaign.

Also, I maybe collecting some of this blogs better work and putting it in a E-Book at some point, so that’s fun.


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One response to “Things I’ve done this Week: Week 15”

  1. Haley James (twitter: Tanookied) says :

    The more podcasts I can listen to, the better 🙂 HURRY UP I mean: good luck, take your time 🙂

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