Gamescom 2015: Thoughts

Time for another load of trailers to be released, aren’t conventions fun? With this year’s Gamescom, we’ve already been treated to quite a few new and interesting trailers to talk about. Now, like my E3 coverage this year I’m not going to be covering every game that’s been shown, just the ones that interest me in some way. Let us start with a few of the games that were shown off at the Xbox conference.


O god the headphones, why the bloody headphones? Since it’s unveiling at E3 a few years ago, a lot of people have been looking forward to this game for one reason Platinum games. Platinum are the makers of such classics as Vanquish, Bayonetta, and Metal Gear Solid Revengeance. So when it comes to fighting games, these guys know how to do it perfectly, that being the case, why does Scalebound look so very dull. I think what many of us were hoping for with this game was Platinums version of a Monster Hunter game, and while it does give off that vibe it still looks really dull to play. Maybe it’s because it’s still in development or something it’s just that this trailer/gameplay really cooled my anticipation for Scalebound.

Homefront: The Revolution

Because someone didn’t think Homefront 1 was too boring. I’ll be honest and say I played a bit of Homefront’s multiplayer and I really kinda liked it, yes it was a weaker version of the COD formula, but it had some charm thanks to it’s focusing on drone warfare. As for Revolution, it’s had a troubled development history so it’s nice to see some footage at last (Scripted as hell though) but I still don’t see me getting invested in this game to a large degree, clearly going for the sort of Far Cry sort of gameplay where you plan out and attack bases your way, it just looks dull to me.

Also, the continued existence of Homefront means we’ll never see another TimeSplitters game, so fuck Homefront.

Crackdown 3

I’ll be honest and say I’m a little meh on this whole game. Maybe it’s because I never played the first two in the series but it just don’t interest me in the slightest. The technology that is being talked about, using the cloud to simulate the destruction of the world sounds to me to be the most intriguing part of the whole game, but when gameplay itself was shown it looks so drab and dull that not even destroying tower blocks could help it.

Star Wars Battlefront


After the first bit of gameplay was revealed at E3 I wasn’t too sure how I felt about Battlefront. As a lover of the first two in the series, I was worried that the game was shaping up to be just Battlefield with a Star Wars lick of paint. I was particularly annoyed about the lack of space missions, but the reveal of the aerial combat mode has helped resolve a lot of those reservations. Is it a day one purchase? No, it’s still made by Dice who has a dodgy record with these things when it comes to multi-player, but is something I’ll pick up once it’s proven itself, yeah, probably.

Mirror’s Edge 2 Catalyst

Hated Mirror’s Edge looks like I’ll hate Mirror’s Edge 2. Also, that Ninja got taken out far too easily.

Rise of the Tomb Raider

I liked the most recent Tomb Raider a lot, think I played it through twice in the first fortnight after release, so yeah I’m interested in Rise a lot. The game itself looked rather similar to not just Tomb Raider but also the Last of Us. With its focus on stealth, crafting on the fly etc it looks like a happy marriage of the two (What if Elle changed her name to Lara, how awesome would that cross over be). I live forever miffed that the game is a timed Xbox exclusive, but that just means that PC/PS4 users will just get the game later and without all the bugs, so ha ha Xbox you lose again! (Totes not a fanboy)

Mafia 3

Jimmy Fuckin Hendrix! I love All Along the Watchtowers, I think its one of the best songs ever written, but my god is it overused in media to portray a late sixties Vietnam vibe! That aside, I think this looks pretty interesting. I’ve never been much into the whole Mafia series, the whole Goodfellas world of made men and wise guys were never one I took an interest in. Mafia 3 however, appears to be taking the series in a more 70’s direction, setting the game in New Orleans and having you be part of a gang made up of different races and not just Italian Americans. So yeah, really excited in this one to be sure.

So that’s a quick roundup of some of my thoughts on the games shown at Gamescom so far. I’m sure plenty of others will be shown off in the next few days which I’ll try to cover as well. Now I’m off to go laugh at Fantastic Four.


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