Things I’ve done this Week: Week 16

Wow Gamescom was pretty underwhelming this year wasn’t it? Now I’ve only been paying attention to Gamescom for the last few years and only started coverage this year but I felt the turnout was pretty weak from all sides. You can read some of my musings on the games presented here.

What else has been going on this week then? Well, I finally sat down and played MGS: Ground Zero. The game was made free on PS+ some time ago so I’ve been meaning to play it for some time but last night I sat down and played it. I’ve never played an MGS game so from the start I was a little confused about the range of options I had but after a few moments of tinkering (and hurling myself off a cliff) I started to get the hang of it. I’ll probably to a blog about it after I’ve had time to explore it further, but I can say it’s got my interested in Phantom Pain a little more.

In the meantime I suppose you could watch me play the Swindle? This is a series that I’ve actually finished with all the videos ready to go when I want to put them up (when I have the time) While you wait how about you watch the first two episodes like a hundred times?

So wish me luck with this whole not being ill thing.

I also appeared on the Indie Haven Podcast again and it was awesome as always


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