Things I’ve done this Week: Week 17

The last week has been a quiet one from me I’m afraid. Started on some new medication which has made me feel a bit shitty but I feel close to powering through and doing a few interest projects (The Podcast)

At the start of the week, I decided to write a bit about MGS: Ground Zeroes, a game which looking back on I didn’t really care for. Not saying it’s a bad game, it’s just not my cup of tea. I hope Phantom Pain is good (Well kinda, honestly wouldn’t mind seeing Konami crumble though) and I may check it out myself during the quiet season of next year. It’s just that there are far too many more interesting games coming out soon that I have my eye on (Mad Max, Fallout 4)

I actually uninstalled MGS off my PS4 this week as storage space is getting real low on the original hard drive and I wanted to make room for Diablo 3: Reaper of Souls which I just got and is awesome fun. A good RPG is a thing of beauty and the folks over a Blizzard know how to make a good RPG (As well as a good RTS, cardgame, MMO, Cutscenes, and MOBAs… Honestly they’re fucking awesome over there)

On the more PC side of things (Personal Computer not Politically correct, although I do strive for the latter) I put up a few more videos of the Swindle up on my Youtube Channel. Honestly wish I held off on recording this show until I got good at the game. With all the experience, I now have with the game I’m pretty good at it and the run through I filmed just wasn’t great. With that ringing endorsement why not watch the next two episodes here? You can also read my written review over at Indie Haven.

Planning for the Podcast also began this week, found my first guest so we should record that soon and hopeful I’ll be able to put up the finished product sometime over the next week. Just need to look into how to get the thing on Itunes now (Oh and improve my editing skills)

Speaking of Podcasts I maybe starting another one up with one of the contributors over at Indie Haven. We’re still in the planning stage at the moment but the ideas we’ve come up with look very promising and I’m looking forward to seeing where that goes.

Last but not least I did appear on the Indie Haven Podcast once more and it was hilarious as it always is, if you’re not listening to it then you sir/madam/intergalactic space goo are missing out.


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