Mad Max – 4 Things I want to see and 2 things I don’t need to see.

Been a while since I did one of these (Last one was for Dying Light) So I thought it was time to dust off this rather promising format now we’re entering a time when an absolute ton of games are on the horizon.

After how amazing Fury Road was, the world now cares about Mad Max once more. So it’s damn good timing for the people over at Avalanche as they can now ride that public awareness all the way to the bank with their upcoming Mad Max game that looks pretty damn good. I’ve watched about 2 hours or so marketing material, vertical slices of gameplay and I must say I’m pretty excited by what I’ve seen, but as with all things I’m going to temper this excitement with a big dollop of skepticism. So let’s start by what I like the look of

1 – Satisfying and fun driving

The world Mad Max inhabits is one where the car rules, no wheels in the wasteland and you may as well suck a the end of your shotgun to finish yourself off. In all the material available to view, the car or Magnum Opus (please stop calling it that) takes center stage. You drive in it, you’ll fight in it, you probably take a shit in it at some point. Everything you do in that game will feed back into your experience driving that car so it needs to feel amazing to drive. Of course, the amount of customization will allow you to tinker with how it handles, but this is a car I want to feel a part of right from the start. Combat needs to be heavy, with each impact making me shudder with glee. We’ve had one game this year with a focus on car combat in Batman Arkham Knight, but I feel that it’s Mad Max that will have us leaping into our cars with joy.

2- Good customization

When I played Arkham Knight, doing one of the many driving sections, my favorite tactic was to sideswipe into APCs at top speed so they’d smash into buildings and get wiped out. I want to be able to tinker my car in Mad Max to allow me to do that, but do it even better. But maybe after a few hours I want to do something else, let me alter my car to let me be more of a ranged combatant or someone who can outrun anything. From what I’ve seen, the game features a wide array of ways to customize my car to build the perfect car for me.

3 – Satisfying max gameplay

While driving around looks to be about 60% of the game, that still leaves us with a good amount of time on foot. Needless to say, the fighting doesn’t stop when the ignition is off so your going to need to fight a lot as Max. From what I’ve seen the combat system looks a bit like Batman’s but with a bit of the Last of Us’s more brutal aspects. Every impact looks heavy, each smack sounds like it cracks a rib. Max isn’t a martial artist, he’s a dirty brawler trying to outlast everyone else. When I fight with Max I’ll be looking for him to be responsive to my control, able to counter out of animations so that he doesn’t get hit. Of the footage I’ve seen the person playing always seems to get the shit kicked out of them, whether this is just poor play from them or he can’t counter out of moves is bit of concern for me. But still I just want to knee cap someone with my Sawn-off shotgun.

What I’m not looking forward to!

1 – Bad story

You know me, I’m a story-loving guy, it’s my hope to write stories for games one day in the future so I hold game stories to a high bar. It’s a shame then that I don’t think Mad Max is going to be able to get that high. From the very limited story stuff that is available be to see, most of it looks a bit crap. I’ve never liked a lot of the character tropes that come from post-apocalyptic stuff, everyone is trying to be wacky or different and it just never gelled with me (Interestingly, Fallout never seemed to have that issue) I’ve also seen some potential spoiler stuff that has made me slightly disinterested in the main story line (A lot of lazy tropes) still I’ll hold off judgement till I play it.

2- Repetitive gameplay

I love open worlds. I love exploring them, I love messing about in them. If it’s an open world game then I am interested in it. But one of the great drawbacks of having such large worlds is that certain tasks become boring. The world of Mad Max looks massive, with plenty to do, I just hope it’s not all “Go To A, Kill people at A, Drive to B, collect reward”. After the 10th fetch and murder quest I’ll probably start to get a little bored with the game (I’ll still finish it because I’m odd) I want a range of stuff do that doesn’t just involve driving and punching ( I have enough of that in the real world).

The Bottom Line

If one game is going to be overlooked over the coming months, it’s going to be Mad Max by Avalanche. I’m sorry, but it’s true. With MGSV, Call of Duty Black Ops 3Star Wars Battlefront and the big daddy Fallout 4 coming. Does this mean it’s going to be a bad game? certainly not, it looks pretty awesome actually, but this is a game that should have come out a month earlier and would have been loved. Unfortunately now It’s looking to be smothered under Solids Snakes box.


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