Things I’ve done this Week: Week 18

It’s happened at last! The Played Out Podcast is now a thing and you can listen to it now!

It’s a little rough around the edges, but I am really pleased with how it turned out. My first guest was an Indie Haven contributor called Dakota Corley and he had loads of interesting things to say about various games such as DOOM, Resident Evil, Vagrant Story and a whole bunch of blizzard-related stuff. It was a blast to record and I can’t wait to start doing it on a regular basis from now. I’ve already lined up another 5 or 6 guests to appear in the coming weeks, and I’ve already written up a list of must have people I want to interview over the coming months.

On this blog, I’ve done a little bit of writing about the upcoming Mad Max game and what I’m looking forward to from it. The Hopes and reservation series is going to be making a come back over the coming weeks as we see more and more big games come out. The title of the piece is looking is taking a leaf out of Buzzfeed’s/Cracked rules of naming things, really to try and get more click traffic. But don’t worry I won’t be writing click-bait articles, I hold myself up to a high standard when it comes to my writing and I don’t want to take the easy route of lists.

As has become the norm I’ve done a few more videos of the Swindle, It’s a game I really do like and love playing. The first playthrough I’ve done on video is a bit crappy if I’m honest. I don’t play well enough but I do think it’s worth a look if you’re curious about the game. Also, the developer is a lovely guy who has actually seen my playthrough (really embarrassing that)

It’s been an exciting week for me with this Podcast business, do I think it will be a big thing? It’s got potential, a potential I intend to realize!


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