Things I’ve done this Week: Week 19


Yes, after about a year having the same rather boring but utilitarian page set up I decided to go with this new rather more aesthetically pleasing one. Yes, it is still one of the free ones you can get from WordPress but I do like it, it’s pleasingly simple and allows the words to take center stage. I may tweak a bit with the colouration of the page but as it is now I think I like how it looks.

So what have I been up to? Well, first off the Played Out Podcast is now on Itunes! Getting up on Itunes had been a big concern for me when starting out, I was worried that what I made would be of too low quality and that for some reason I wouldn’t be allowed on. Turns out they let any old bollocks up there so here we are. So far only two episodes are ready for download. Fear not I’ve already recorded the third episode with another Indie Haven contributor (there are a lot of them) and have already lined up the 4th guest to have on the show soon. As a show, it does need work, teasing the stories about games from people can be difficult with less verbose people. But I’ve found that once people getting talking about the games they remember fondly for distinct reasons then they can go on for ages and make something truly worth listening to. At the moment I’m looking to get guests on who have had games shape the way they live now, I’m thinking couples who met on World of Warcraft, corporation leaders in EvE. Those are the stories so rarely heard outside of the more esoteric parts of games media and I’d love to be able to share them with you folks.

Next I decided to try and figure out my feelings about one of this year’s most beloved games, The Witcher 3. Is it a good game? yes, do I want to play it anymore? No. I go into a bit more detail here and try and explain my dislike for some games described as “hardcore games”.

So what does the next week hold for me then? Well with the release of Mad Max (With review codes being delayed to launch btw)  I’ll probably be getting down to some good old-fashioned car combat in the wasteland. I’ll also be reviewing an awful game that you shouldn’t play for Indie Haven, editing the podcast and being almost productive.

Also last week I appeared on the Indie Haven podcast once again and should be doing so this evening (They just can’t say no to me)


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