Mad Max Thoughts – Part 1- 5 Wasteland musings

So we come to that time again, a time where big Triple-A games run screaming out of the trenches of game development and into the maw of madness that is gaming public. Yesterday saw the release of one of the great titans of video gaming in the form of Metal Gear Solid V The Phantom Pain. By all accounts, it’s a masterpiece of game design worthy of its place in the annals of video gaming history. But, another game also crept forth into the light that day, a game that no one’s quite sure is any good yet – Mad Max.

Being terrified of the awe-inspiring greatness that is MGSV, I decided to pick up Mad Max and find out what being the Road Warrior is truly all about.

I don’t care about the story – After only a few introductory cut-scenes I’ve already come to realize that the story of this game is going to be a bit shit. I’ve never been into the weird post-apocalyptic stuff that Mad Max and others like Rage have done. Fallout gets away with it by having believable characters (yes and a few odd balls) but in Mad Max everyone seems too bat-shit to have survived this long. Maybe it’s part of some commentary that the wasteland weeds out the sane ones.

Max is cock – I really dislike Max. He’s not mad, he’s rude and clearly a sociopath. The way he treats human punching bag Chumbucket is disgusting. Chumbucket saves Max’s life on several occasions but all Max ever does is rough him up and treat him like shit. He doesn’t even say ‘Please fix my car’ he just barks at the poor Chumbucket.

My GOD is this game unoriginal – Having played about 6 hours of the game I think it’s safe for me to say that the game is completely unoriginal in almost everything it does. The open world belongs to that of a Far Cry game, the Combat is straight from the Arkham series, the car combat is the bastard love child of the Batmobile and Flatout. Does this make it bad? Certainly not. The sense of immediately familiarity this game has to so many recent titles is pretty comforting. I found myself quickly getting to grips with various elements of the game quickly, allowing me to have fun right from the start.

I have to upgrade what now? – Many games these days put players on a constant treadmill for rewards and upgrades. It’s a system that allows the player to feel as if anything they do is somehow meaningful one way or another. I’m sure the  cynical critic than I would call these systems ‘Skinner boxes’ then raise their nose in disgust at such a thing. I’m not such a cynic but looking at the various upgrade screens in this game is pushing me there. I can upgrade the car, I can upgrade max’s equipment, I can upgrade Max’s soul (Weird spiritual shit) I can even upgrade the places where Max occasionally takes a dump. The amount of stuff that can be upgraded borders on the ludicrous, I’m going light-headed just thinking about it.

This Map is bigger than Wales! – Seriously, It’s fucking huge! I’ll take a screenshot and put it up but until then believe me when I say it’s bloody ridiculous.

This has been the first part of my thoughts on Mad Max, I’ll be sure to write further rants and ravings about it over the coming days. I have missed doing these elongated write ups


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