Things I’ve done this week – Week 20

So the summer drought has come to an end with one absolute smash hit of a game coming out this week, with another ‘kinda sorta alright game’ also making an appearance. It was the clash of the titans if one of the titans just happened to be a lot more titanic than the other one. Yes, I am of course talking about MGSV Phantom Pain and Mad Max. For various reasons I’ve decided to hold off on picking up MGSV just yet since I didn’t particularly care for Ground Zeroes that much, but with all the talk about how awesome it is I’m sure to be re-evaluating that stance in the near future.

In the absence of anything to say about Big Boss, Solid Snake and the really cute dog, what have I been up to?

Well, it’s been mostly all about Mad Max on the blog since its release on Tuesday. I’ve compiled a few rather rambling thoughts in two posts so far, here and here. If you want a quick summary of the game, I’d describe it as the bastard love child of Assassin’s Creed, Batman Arkham Knight and Twisted Metal. It’s an OK game but nothing more than that. I’ve heard some comparisons to last year’s epic Shadow of Mordor. I do certainly see the comparisons in how they both ape the AC and BA styles of gameplay but with no nemesis system equivalent (Which could have easily been part of this game) it’s lacking a bit of the self-made depth of Mordor.

Another week saw the release of another podcast episode went up on Sound Cloud and Itunes for you to feast your ears on. This week featured Indie Haven contributor Matt Mackown and we had a great time chatting about a load of games, spending a lot of time talking about various RTS games we played religiously in our youth.

On Indie Haven this week I also appeared once more on the Indie Haven Podcast. Honestly, you should just listen to the first part with the Nathan Meunier interview and stop the moment I start talking. We did have some technical hiccups when someone’s computer died but brilliant Laura edited right around it (and one of the more off colour jokes I made).

Also on IH I wrote one of my most scathing reviews I’ve ever done of a game you should avoid like the plague, Calvino NoirIt’s dull, it’s cliched and it runs awfully avoid it at all costs.

So that was my rather busy week, man I love doing stuff. Got next week’s podcast episode all lined up and recorded (It’s a great one) and another more loving review going up on Indie Haven for you to enjoy as well more savings on Mad Max not being that great/bad


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