Mad Max Thoughts Part 3

As of today, there has been a fair bit of discussion around Mad Max and some of the harsher review scores it’s received from some major outlets. As with most arguments about review scores, it’s pretty stupid, petty and pointless. After all, I’ve yet to give Mad Max any score of any sort so this argument is academic at best. So let me continue to talk about Mad Max in a way no others have so far

Man, the way they built missions in this game sucks – One complaint I’ve yet to hear about this game is how poorly constructed various missions are in how they guide the player to what they have to do next. Now to many this hands-off approach may be welcome, but in a world/map that can get visually messy at times this is a big no-no for me. In one mission I was directed to go the back entrance of a settlement, I reached the location then the game just flat out refused to tell me what to do next. “Work it out yourself” You cry. I tried, I looked around the same dead end for ten bloody minutes to find what I was meant to do next and I couldn’t find jack shit. Also, there is no way to track missions like in other games and to find them you have to look far into the pause menus and even then their really hidden.

Convoys are the best part of that game – With a game that’s put such an emphasis on car combat it’s hardly surprising that the games car combat is rather good. It has its problems of course but for the most part, it’s pretty good. Where the game really shines are the Convoy sections where you have to take out a convoy of cars and destroy the oil tanker leading it. Here the AI has a mission to keep on the path, with the cars guarding it peeling off to try and take you down. These events quickly become glorious clusterfucks with rockets, harpoons and flamethrowers all blasting in every direction. I suppose these moments are the closest that the game gets to being like the recent film thanks to their constant mobility and action.

THANK YOU FOR PHOTO MODE – As anyone who’s seen my shitty attempts at in-game photography you’ll know I have a thing for trying to create some nice pictures here and there. I’ve done it with The Last of Us, Shadow of Mordor and even the Witcher 3 (Which was a struggle) Thankfully Mad Max came with its own inbuilt photo editor mode so I’ve been playing around with that a lot. The featured image for this post is used making it and I think it’s pretty damn neat to be honest. I’ll probably get to work making a decent gallery of pictures over the next week or so, so watch this space (                   ) WATCH IT I SAY!

STILL DON’T CARE FOR THE STORY – Seriously it’s wank, the story for Shadow of Mordor was more compelling and that’s basically non-existent.

That’s another taster of my thoughts on Mad Max, without a numerical value to summarise my feelings for it…………………………..5


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