Mad Max Thoughts – Part 4

I feel that we’re starting to come to the end of our time with Mad Max, having been out for just over a week and with me having seen 90% of what it has to offer I’m fairly confident I can make some final judgements. But until I’ve collected my closing thoughts I think I’ll do another of these rants/musings for your enjoyment.

Minefields are the antithesis of fun – As in real life, clearing minefields isn’t most people’s idea of fun. Across the wasteland of Mad Max can be found several minefields that must be cleared in order to reduce the threat in the region. To clear these fields you have to get in a special car that comes with a dog (Because apparently you can’t put a dog in just any car) Then you drive to the minefield and have the dog sniff out the mines, before you get out and disarm them. If reading that sentence was as boring as it was to write then your starting to get the idea of how dull it is to actually do this in the game. I’ve done about 80% of these tasks but only so I could get the best V8 engine meaning my car is now faster than god.

DID FURY ROAD TEACH YOU NOTHING – As of yet I’ve yet to see Fury Road, but I have seen a hell of a lot of coverage of the stuff and found it remarkable how many people talked about just how progressive the film is in its treatment of women. The main character is basically Charlize Theron’s Furiosa and the story involves rescuing a truckload of sex slaves from a male warlord. So does the game reflect the films progressive leanings? No, it doesn’t. There are about three women of note in the game. One is barely in it, the other two are a mother and daughter combo. The mother (Called Hope, because symbolism) being a concubine for the local warlord who is constantly being kidnaped by someone. Obviously because she’s a concubine she’s dressed in clothes far more revealing than any other characters and at no point does she ever get more clothes even when freed. The daughter of the women (Called Glory, because symbolism again) is killed to give Max a motivation to kill the bloke he was already planning on killing anyway. So yeah we’re getting to Watch Dogs levels of bollocks here.

All the historical relics are stupid – Across the wasteland, Max can find a shit ton of photos with writing on the back that all roughly says the same thing “Isn’t life great, I do hope we don’t die” and then Max will give some pithy comment that always amounts to “Isn’t life shit now” With these little relics they could have told some really interesting short stories but they all amount to the same thing.

Stop being mean to Chumbucket – Ok I get it that this hunchback is the comic foil to max’s bleak stoicism but could he just be that little bit thankful to the man who built him the best car in the world? Chumbucket really seems to like Max as a friend, but who knows why when all Max does is verbally/physically abuses him. Just once I’d like to see these two have a civil, friendly conversations while on the road, it would humanize the two of them and make the long drives less dull.

This game needed a radio station – Let’s face it, Mad Max doesn’t have a single original bone in its body so allow me then the opportunity to give it another worn bone (Giggling? Same) Give the car a radio station or two to listen to. Many open world games have radio stations of course (I’ve written about them before) but that’s because they can bring a lot of character to a games world outside of the story. The world of Mad Max seems like the perfect place to have radio shock jock plying their trade across the airwaves, talking about what ‘The Road Warrior” is doing, playing some heavy metal music (because of course it will be heavy metal music that survives) It would help build the games world, give us some more interesting characters and let us listen to something other than Max’s struggling engine.

I’m not being particularly kind to this game am I?


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