Mad Max Thoughts – Wrap Up

So we’ve come to an end of our Mad Max journey. It’s been occasionally fun, mostly mediocre and almost entirely forgettable. It’s only thanks to my regular note taking while playing it that I’ve managed to retain any memory the game at all.

The Ending is Ghastly – As is apparently the trend for Warner Bros games of late (More on them later) the games story was mostly soporific and occasionally offensive to half the human beings alive. The ending of the story is particularly bad, having two women killed to motivate Max, then have him kill his only “friend” Chumbucket in one of the most futile acts I’ve ever seen in a video game. I won’t spoil it too much but the scene is completely contrived and the final boss fight only involves throwing two sticks at a car. Seriously who does Warner Bros keep hiring to write their games stories? I’m well aware the development cycle causes a writer’s original story to get bent out of shape by studio pressures, but none of the game’s story has any redeeming features at all.

Why don’t the cars have a handbrake – It’s amazing how not having a basic feature in a game quickly becomes rather grating. Through much of my time driving in the game, I constantly wanted to be able to drift around corners and negotiate tight bends. But for some reason the developers chose not include this basic driving feature. Even Watch Dogs had a handbrake (I think). I say this with no hyperbole that having a handbrake in the game would have improved the driving substantially. One issue I had with the driving was how unresponsive it felt for a lot of the game. At speed it was difficult to stop quickly and you had to hold the brake button for a good few seconds to come to a stop, a hand brake would have allowed you to stop quicker or control your speed better. This was no doubt meant to encourage players to tinker with their cars set up, but all it got me doing was grinding for scrap and parts and improving my car in a linear fashion. (This is where someone tells me that the game did have one on a very obscure button)

The Last Mission was awful – The last level on any game should be the ultimate test of everything you’ve been learning and practicing for the last few hours. It should push you and your skills to the limit. Alas, the last mission in Mad Max was so brief I’m pretty sure it’s length was cut for budgetary reasons. What the mission involved was a brief convoy chase, and I do mean brief it lasted I’d guess around 2 minutes at the most. After dispatching about five cars with one shot of the thunderpoon each, you then take out the engine on a big truck. The truck stops, a cutscene starts – chumbucket dies- next thing you know the big bad is driving a car at you really slowly, you throw a few spears at the car and suddenly the game ends (After Max has punched a comatose man a couple of times) – That’s it.

Now I’m done with Mad Max it’s out of the console and I have little desire to revisit the game for a good long while. Unlike other recent games such as Dying Light, Shadow of Mordor and The Last of Us the game has no pull on my want to play the game again for a good long while. Do I think the game is bad? No, I don’t. Do I think it’s good? Not really no. A thoroughly forgettable and mediocre experience, the Big Mac of video games.

If you’d like to read my collected thoughts on Mad Max you can read part 1, 2, 3 and 4 here.

Speaking of Shadow of Mordor, think I want to play that again.


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