Played Out Podcast Episode 4 Out Now

Happy Friday everyone, to start off your weekend with a bang, why not listen to the fourth episode of the Played Out Podcast!

This week features Jose San Mateo as my guest and we get to talk about all manner of games and the culture he grew up playing them in. The last few of my guests have had fairly similar background so it was great to hear how communal gaming became a thing in his youth.

If Soundcloud isn’t your bag then you can subscribe and listen to the podcast on Itunes. At the moment, I’m now in the process of wrangling my next few guests to have on the podcast and I’ve got some great ones in the pipeline so watch this space.


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All round song and dance man with penchant for quoting Jeeves and Wooster and Toberlone's. Known to drone on about Video Games and geeky bollocks to anyone who can't escape in time.

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