Things I’ve done this Week : Week 21

Guess what I’ve been playing!? Well, actually I’ve been playing three new games this week but let’s just focus on the main one that is Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain! Yes, I know I said I wasn’t going to play it until 2016 and but I realised I could get it pretty cheap if I did something I haven’t done in years – I traded in a game (Guess which)

Yeah, I got rid of my copy of Mad Max and got myself a MGSV on the cheap. To do this, of course, I had to go to GAME here in the UK and it reminded me how much I like going to physical game stores. I always find myself chatting to the folks working there and it’s nice to meet some genuinely nice folks there. I have of course read/heard many of the horror stories about working there from formal flatmates who worked there so I know it’s not some magical nerdy wonderland but still it’s nice. Not going to write about MGSV for a while until I really get to grips with it (It’s pretty big)

Mostly this week I’ve been finishing up my coverage of Mad Max, a game which was pretty disappointing aside from a few glimpses of joy. I’ve cataloged my collected thoughts over the last fortnight here for you to read

The fact I was willing to trade it in so quickly should speak volumes of how little I wanted to replay that game. I didn’t even trade in fucking Watch Dogs. 

Also this week the 4th episode of the Played Out Podcast went up and it’s one I’m very happy with. Had Indie Haven editor in chief Jose San Mateo on and it was a great interview and you should definitely listen to it. Please do subscribe on Itunes, I am very needy when it comes to this sort of thing 😀

Speaking of Indie Haven I’ve been writing two reviews for them. Think I may have mentioned the 1st last week about Calvino Noir. Interesting story with this review, the writer actually emailed me to offer a correction on a point I got wrong. I had got it wrong and the review has been altered. It’s a good life lesson that you should be willing to admit where your wrong and be prepared to change.

On the flip side to the bile I threw at Calvino, I was completely smitten with Telltale’s most recent Tales from the Borderlands episode. My review is basically the critical version of a blowjob in how I gush over that damn game.

Now I’m off to be awful at stealth with Big Boss.


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