MGSV Thoughts – Part 1

Save for Fallout 4 and The Witcher 3, MGSV is probably the biggest game in terms of size and scale to be coming out this year. It’s this size and scale that has honestly put me off writing about this game for so long. Now I’m about half way through the games story, have learned basically what I’m doing and how to do it well  feel comfortable writing about it now in my own way.

Maybe some spoilers ahead

OK so these games don’t make sense, right? – One aspect that has always put me off of getting into the MGS series is how baffling the storyline and how confused the characters are. I’d need to spend a long time researching wikis and forums to begin to grasp the labyrinth plot of the series so far. This is made even more difficult as this game is set mid-way through the events of the series and so is a weird crossroads of plot lines, character development. Where each of the named characters I’m hanging about with is being formed into the heroes and villains they become later on.

I decided then to overlook the wider story and focus in on what I’m actually playing in, the story of ‘Punished’ Snake as he and the Diamond Dogs build up to take on the mysterious Cypher. Snake himself is really boring, his sole motivation being looking for more people to growl at. While Ocelot and Miller are forever bickering with the exact same voice. Seriously they sound identical and reminded me of a sketch by Mitchell and Webb were there is a radio debate between two people played by the same person and doing the same voice.

So yeah, not a fan of the story and writing as a whole.


  • I attached a balloon to a tank and stole the tank.
  • I threw a stun grenade at a man’s head and knocked him out before it went off.
  • I sat in a toilet, playing sounds of a man have explosive diarrhea so that no one would investigate.
  •  I used a Sandstorm as cover to allow me to beat the crap out of five dudes in 10 seconds.
  • Using an Assault Rifle I managed to score a headshot on a feller half a mile away, and yes that does include compensating for the bullet’s drop in trajectory.
  • I staffed a camp (Whose turrets I had all knicked) with a minigun within a helicopter that was playing the Final Countdown by Europe.
  • I ruined the bad guys ‘Bond-villain’ monologue by playing ‘Kids in America’ while he spoke.
  •  I made this the emblem of my private army


In short I’m having a blast of a time.

Ok, let’s talk about Quiet – For the five of you who have been living under a rock you may have missed the controversy around the way the female character of Quiet is dressed – as in she’s barely wearing anything and what she is wearing is there purely to draw attention to the most sexually alluring parts of her. We knew this controversy was coming, from the moment Quiet was revealed there was backlash calling it BS. Kojima himself tried to make us all ashamed of drawing attention to the way she was dressed, saying that once we understood why we’d understand. Well, we now do and it’s still high-grade bullshit. You see Quiet must have a lot of skin on show so she can breathe through her skin otherwise she’d suffocate because of stupid made up reasons. Kojima wrote it so she’d be basically nude and made up a way to try and excuse it. I do think this is a cultural thing, with Japan being a little behind on the whole “Let’s try to have well-done women characters in games” Movement which the west is slowly limping to.

The 80’s era music is great – The 80’s were a strange time for us all but my god did it have some good music to listen to. Especially when you’re listening to it while you get into a massive firefight in an abandoned castle. However, the game needs two songs, in particular, to improve it’s already amazing soundtrack


Because they are both amazing songs*, Also some Queen would be grand as well.

So that’s part one of my thoughts on MSGV. As I said this is a difficult game to write about with my lack of knowledge about the series as a whole but on the whole I am enjoying my time with the game and I’m sure I will continue to do so.

*Side-Note, why is the video for the Safty Dance set in a rural English village in the middle ages? Seriously, it’s got a May-pole for christ sake.


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