Things I’ve done this Week: Week 23/24

What’s this? Has Rob actually got round to writing a blog? Yes, Yes I have. Various  issues continue to draw my attention from the blog and for that I am sorry. A peculiar mix of job applications, disappearing podcast guests and a general sense of ‘meh’ have overtaken me, but I’m hoping that feeling starts to subside soon.

Since I didn’t get round to writing one of these weekly round-ups last week allow me then to fill this week’s with a bumper load of what I have actually been doing.

First up I did a little bit of writing about MGSV. I’m unsure how much I want to write about that particular game, thanks to how much other outlets are covering it. My coverage of Mad Max felt fun and fresh because almost no one was paying much attention to, but with Metal Gear we’ve all been inundated with endless pictures of Fultoned-up animals.

Next I wrote about a game that no one has talked about since 2008, Vikings: Battle for Asgard. It’s a bad game that has aged terribly. But to me it’s something of relic from a time when video games were evolving. In evolutionary science, people who reject Darwinists evolution (Idiots) often ask ‘Where are the transitional fossils’ as if there is going to be skeleton of T-Rex becoming a chicken. Well to me Vikings is a gaming transitional fossil. A relic of two eras that is a horrific abomination on its own.

In none gaming stuff, I wrote an article about living with Crohn’s Disease for a local youth-orientated magazine in Bristol. I’ve written about the condition before here on the blog of course, but it’s an issue close to my heart (or colon) that I’m trying to raise awareness of because of how common it’s becoming.

In more game related stuff this week, I played The Beginner’s Guide. I’m still mulling over what I think about that game so look for my ramblings on that game soon. In the meantime, I’d advise checking out Matt Lee’s video on it, also read the comments below since they are actually intelligent and read Jim Sterling’s ‘review’*. Both will give you a sense of what the game means to people.

So that’s been my fortnight. I won’t promise that I will be resuming my normal output of content. All I can say is that I’ve got another Indie Haven review in the pipeline, +my thoughts on The Beginner’s Guide.

*I put the ‘ there because this game is very difficult to review in a tradition sense. It’s not meant as a pejorative on Jim’s work, which is almost always just spiffing….Chungus.


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