Far Cry Primal is a thing

So it’s happened at last, another Far Cry game has been announced and the world collectively nodded it’s head and said “Yeah, I’d be down for another” While Far Cry 4 looked to be pushing the “Open world stealth shooter with memorable villain’ formula a bit much, it looks like those clever clogs over at Ubisoft decided that the world needs more mammoths. You know what? I think they might be right.

Looks alright don’t it?

As a series, Far Cry had started to carve a niche as the go to open world shooter. Each of them was set in a vaguely similar time period, did similar things with it’s mechanics and themes so it looked likely that the next Far Cry would be set in South America or someplace similar (But I guess Ghost Recon is doing SA) so it’s a wonderful change to see the series leave modern day and go back as far back as it could go without making the main character a velociraptor. (Note to self, FPS where the player is a velociraptor)

Set in roughly 10,000 BC, the game will cast the player as a hunter gather who comes to a strange new land to hunt, gather and slaughter everything in his path to more hunting and gathering.

You can see then how such a low-tech setting would suit what’s been established in Far Cry up to this point. Both 3 and 4 put a great emphasis on hunting for leather and pelts to craft items to upgrade yourself (But why I can’t make a 4 weapon holster out of pig skin I’ll never quite grasp.) So being in a setting where ‘hunter-gathers’ is the collective term for all of humanity seems like logical next step.

Now unless Doc Brown has turned up and chucked a load of assault rifles at the protagonist, the player is going to spend their time getting to grips with bows, arrows, spears and axes (maybe blades of some description) this will make the game a lot more intimate, with a greater focus on hand to hand combat against other humans and encourage a mix of styles against beasts such as Mammoths and the Sabre Tooth Tiger. You can see a glimpse of the melee combat at the end of the video and could possible mirror the systems used in Dishonored, Skyrim or Dark Messiah. First Person Melee combat has never been something games have ever completely nailed for a number or reasons (Mainly because we want to see ourselves be badass from a 3rd person perspective) so good luck to the developers with that particular issue.

The animal hunting is to me the most interesting part of the game. As someone who isn’t a rich psychopath who wants to shoot endangered animals in Africa I’ve never been up for real world hunting, virtual hunting however I completely get and enjoy in various games such as Red Dead Redemption, Far Cry 3 and Assassin’s Creed (the focus on hunting in AC3 was one of that games more interesting parts) So I look forward to silently skulking behind a wooly mammoth only to have a Tiger leap out and gnaw on my buttocks.

So there, Ubisoft has announced a new game with some interesting ideas that I’m pretty interested in seeing. See Ubisoft, you can make something other than increasingly boring virtual historic city guides.


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