2 Games or Franchises that could use the Nemesis System

2014’s Shadow of Mordor is one of my favorite games of this current console generation. I love the combat, the stealth and the setting (Although the story is poor) but what I really loved most of all was the game’s groundbreaking ‘Nemesis System’. Put simply, this system made certain in-game enemies have unique personalities, strengths, and weaknesses. You could manipulate this individual by killing them, sparing their lives or converting them to your cause. On your first playthrough of the game each Captain or Warchief you faced seemed unique to your story and so, you would take a personal interest in how they affected the game world. Of course over multiple playthroughs you’ll start to see repeating patterns in how these unique enemies were formed but that’s only because no developer on earth could create infinite personalities.

Since its release and the high praise that Shadow of Mordor received very little has been done with the games stand out feature. Maybe in the next few years we’ll start to see a slew of games use and abuse it but until then I’ve had a few ideas for games or franchises that could certainly benefit from having it.

February 16th, 2010 @ 17:59:41

Predator – It’s fair to say that video games haven’t really been kind to the galaxies most cunning hunter. He’s appeared in several games such as AvP, Mortal Kombat, and his PS2 era game, but none of those games have been particularly good at realizing what it is to be the Predator. A Predator is all about the hunt. Tracking targets, preparing traps and ambushes, before going in for the kill. Games that but an emphasis on this sort of thing are pretty common these days, from Assassin’s Creed, Shadow of Mordor to the Arkham games. Now in my mind a Predator game would most likely be similar to those games in how it plays from a 3rd person perspective, how you navigate the environment and how you’d go about killing folks.

So how could you implement NS into a Predator game? When you drop into the game world you’d be given a list of targets and how they relate to one another, how powerful they are and how much they know about the murderous alien that’s running about. When you confront one of these targets you can go in for the kill and claim whatever reward you get from killing, or you could show mercy, let them run away and recuperate from their experience with you. Each time you do this they would level up in some way, making them a harder target and so have a greater bounty on their head. Now in SoM you could convert the Uruks to your cause, but would that be necessary for a game about a lone alien assassin?


Warhammer 40k – The Warhammer licenses are going through an odd time in their lives at the moment. Seems like every other month we’re seeing a new game that uses either their fantasy or sci-fi IPs to create games no one was really asking for (Apart from Warhammer Total War, that I can dig) 2012 saw the release of the astoundingly mediocre brawler, shooter thing Warhammer 40k Space Marine which managed to bore the living shit out of me after about five minutes (Seriously, if you think that game was good, you’re wrong) So what would I do with the 40K world and  how would it use the Nemesis System.

Like in my blog about games Telltale could do, I would go down the route of having the player be an Inquisitor, someone who goes to different worlds to fight the forces of chaos before it has the chance to spread. The people on the NS list you’d face would be agents of Chaos who are spreading corruption in the empire. The more powerful the agent the bigger the reward. But, where the game differs from SoM would be the chance of punishment the player faces if they don’t successful kill a target. If you let them get away once, you’re a fool. Let them get away 3 or 4 times and suddenly you’re allegiance to the emperor is called into question. Soon the situation could escalate where if you can’t take an out a certain target you’d be barred from certain high-level items or areas until your task was complete.

So there are two game worlds that could easily fit in the Nemesis System if they so wanted. What games or IPs would you like to see try their hand at doing their own version of the Nemesis System?


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