Things I’ve done this Week: Week 26

Kids, I’ve gone and made a video with some decent editing and time put into it!

Recently I’ve been pretty unproductive in making videos for the Youtube channel. This is mostly down to my own laziness and the dispiriting fact no one ever seems to watch them. But this week I had a special reason to produce this particular video, reasons alas I can’t yet reveal. I did put a lot of time and effort into learning how to create this video and while it is by no means perfect It’s something I’m pretty proud of nonetheless.

I also made a video of Prison Architect, showing off the games escape mode. I’ve recorded a few other of these videos and find them quite fun to make. Each one involves me going to a prison designed by someone else and breaking out of it. It’s quite fun the first few times and it’s the only thing I’m interested in when it comes to Prison Architect. So watch the video here.

For the blog I decided to put together my thoughts on how you could implement Shadow of Mordor’s nemesis system in other games. This was a fun creative exercise in game design that I decided to give a go. My knowledge in game design is entirely theoretical so worthless in comparison to people who know about this sort of stuff, still it’s something I may try my hand at with other game ideas if any take my interest as much as the nemesis system.

As for the podcast another episode went up this week, with Indie Haven news editor Josh Hinke. It’s another great episode that taught me a little about NCAA football in America, which was nice.

So that’s been my mildy productive week, now on to the next!


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