Golden Joystick Awards 2015 Reaction

So we’ve had another game award ceremony in the form of the Golden Joystick Awards. Like the Baftas, I covered a few months ago these a mostly meaningless accolades but are an interesting reflection of current gaming trends since these were voted for by the public. So let’s take a look at who did well.

The Witcher 3

  1. Best Story Telling
  2. Best Visual Design
  3. Best Gaming Moment – Bloody Baron Quest Line
  4. Ultimate game of the year
  5. Studio of the year

No surprises here really with the Witcher 3 sweeping some of the biggest awards this year. Well deserved? Most assuredly on pretty much all counts. It’s storytelling was fantastic, with the Bloody Baron Quest winning an award all of its own.

CD Projekt Red have made a lot of admirers for their progressive stance on DLC and updates and for that they deserve a whole heap of praise for so it’s no surprise seeing them take home Studio of the Year as well.

As for best Visual Design, I understand why it won since it is graphically gorgeous.

 Bloodborne – Best Original Game/Best PS4 Game

It’s Dark Souls with a lick of Gothic paint but ok it’s Original. Personally not a big fan of this game, I tried and I mostly failed with it but I can see why it won. Would have been cool to see something like Life is Strange winning but that’s just me.

Fallout 4 – Most Wanted

Who would have guessed?

 Best Nintendo Game – Splatoon

Seems awfully reductive to have categories where one publisher is always going to win, but ok well done Splatoon.

Best Xbox Game – Ori and the Blind Forest

Pretty cool an indie game won this list. Still State of Decay is always a winner in my eyes.

PC Game of the Year – Grand Theft Auto 5

It’s been a poor year for PC apparently.

Gaming Personality – PewDiePie

Good for him. What, you expecting me to be a douche because the guy is popular? Well I’m sorry I save my vitriol for myself.

Innovation of the Year: First-person mode in Grand Theft Auto V 

Fucking hell! Really, that? It’s a fun idea but after playing that game for 10 minutes in first person I wanted to gnaw off my arms.

Best eSports icon: CounterStrike GO – Anders Blume

No idea who that is but all the best to him.

Gaming Performance of the Year – Ashly Burch as Chloe in Life is Strange.

Laura Bailey as Fiona in Tales from the Borderlands was robbed!

Just kidding. Sort of. Well done Ashly.

Man, I really need to play Life is Strange at some point.

Gaming Platform of the Year – Steam

Fair enough, poor Origin was never in with a chance.

Best Multiplayer – Grand Theft Auto V 

It’s just not. The multiplayer in that game is atrocious and I’m not just saying that because every two weeks that game demands another five GB update.

Well I think I’m made enough enemies for one day. Night!



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