What I’ve Done this Week: Week 29

Yes, there was no week 28. I was too busy running away from a rabid Robert Carlyle.

So next week shall be a big week for us all won’t it? We’ve got Fallout 4 coming out to sap the free time from our lives, as well as myriad other games getting ready to burst forth ready for the holiday season. For me personally I’ll be starting a new job that will involve handing alcohol to people who really should be home playing Fallout 4.

I already have my copy of Fallout pre-ordered and will doubtless start doing semi-daily coverage of it when I have the time and when I can peel myself away from playing it.

But that’s next week, what of this week (and a bit) What have I been up to? Well, first off I decided to review the results of the Golden Joystick awards and found the winners to be alright… I guess. See this is what happens when you let the public vote on things, it turns out alright, not great or bad just alright.

Also this week I decided to revisit Assassin’s Creed about how I admire Ubisoft’s choice to have a woman lead, but that it was also cowardly for having to include a twin brother in for no apparent reason. Seriously, his inclusion makes no sense from a lore perspective and I’ll be damned if I let this sort of shit fly.

Next item on the agenda is the return of the Played Out Podcast in a new format that I’m trying out. It may work it may not work so just bear with it.

So over the next week what will I be working on? Well, playing and writing about Fallout 4 will be my main priority of course but I’ve also started writing up this year’s categories for the Played Out Blog awards. Trying to get as many of this done over the next few days because I’m sure I’ll be busy in the weeks to come.

Now please excuse me while I prepare myself for the coming apocalypse by stocking up on crisps and pop.


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