Fallout 4 Thoughts – Part One

So it’s happened at last. The bombs have dropped and we’ve all scurried into our homes to play a shit ton of Fallout 4 (The bombs being copies of Fallout 4 in case this metaphor was a little poor)

Since its release yesterday I’d say I’ve managed to play about six or so hours of the game and I’m about ready to start pontificating about it’s various charms, foibles and problems I’ve found with the game. As with all my game thoughts this series will likely last a few weeks and my opinions on various aspects of the game will certainly change over time.

Nice opener – The game opens before the nukes dropped and so you get to see what the world was like before everything turned a bit shit. It’s the idealised American dream house and suburbs with white picket fences, pleasant neighbours  and the impending threat of nuclear holocaust a distant but ever-present possibility. When the sirens do sound and you rush to the vault there wasn’t really a great sense of urgency thought. I never felt I had to run for mine and my families life, instead I went for a pleasant jog, eying up the neighbours houses.

I found I wasn’t really that interested in what happened with much of the games early story stuff either. So as the game tells me to go to Diamond City and other locales, all I can think is that I want to go the opposite direction. This has been a common issue across all Bethesda games that they just can’t seem to fix, but I get the sense this has always been more of a feature than a bug of their games.

Please give me a tutorial! When you first leave Vault 111, the first place most of the new players will go is your former home in a little place called Sanctuary. From here you can start constructing your own settlement from all manner of crap you find lying around the place. I had to look online to various game sites who’ve had the game for a while and so know what to do. Many of them stress that the building part of the game is optional but when there are real tangible rewards to doing so I kinda fell compelled to do it. I think I would have preferred if the game had gone more for the Hearthfire style of doing construction. It’s a bit more limited but far more accessible.

Enough with the Junk Already – In the last few Fallout games there have been many items you’d rarely if ever pick up thanks to how cheap they were to sell and how they’d take up inventory space. But now in F4 a new focus has been put on various pieces of crap that you have to endlessly horde in order to modify your weapons, armour and base camps. Now the crux of my current issue with all this junk is that I’m not completely sure how it all works in terms of breaking down junk for the vital ingredients inside. Does it happen automatically? I think it does, but I can’t really tell.

Not keen on the Talking to people bit – One of the major changes this game brings to the Bethesda style is having a character who can actually speak. This has revamped the dialogue portions of the game by making them more akin to something like a Bioware or Telltale game. While this sort of system works great in those games I can’t help but feel it doesn’t suit Fallout that well. Bethesda’s writing has never exactly been top-tier so I’ve already found myself skipping dialogue in a hurry to get moving. This has led me to make a few bad choices by accident as the same button to skip is the one of primary ways you pick choices in dialogue. Yes, this is just me being impatient and suffering for it, but it is really quite annoying.

FUCK OFF WITH THE POWER ARMOUR – Seriously I bloody hate it, yes it means I can take a lot of damages but as someone who sneaks about I never take damage anyway.

Wow, I’ve been a bit negative about this game so far. I will say I’m enjoying my time with the game and certainly look forward to pouring more hours into it over the coming weeks (I’ve already allocated next Tuesday for a day off work, eat crisps and sweets video game day. Ah those are the best days)


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