Fallout 4 Thoughts – Part 2

Gather round! I’ve played a few more hours of Fallout 4 and I’m starting to see a lot of the games charms. Yesterday I was pretty critical of the first few hours and I’ll stand by my points that the game does an abysmal job in tutoring you in a few major parts of the games crafting and base building mechanics. But, I’ve started to muddle through the initial learning curve and I’m starting to find a game I’m desperate to keep playing. That being the case let’s make this quick.

I think I love Boston – Before yesterday I knew nothing about the city of Boston other than the fact it was populated entirely with Ivy league colleges and things called Red Sox. So as I’ve started to explore the ruins of Boston, particularly the harbour side, I’ve grown to find the place to be really awesome to explore. I’ve barely started to scratch the surface of the city but what I have found has been delightful, with every new blip on the radar causing me to push on for a just a few more minutes at a time.

In celebration of the fine city of Boston, here is Boston (The Band) being awesome.

Why Do people keep walking away from me? – One of the big changes that this game has brought to the Bethesda formula is the way conversations work. I talked a little about this yesterday saying I didn’t really like it too much from a personal standpoint. But after playing a few more hours I can say I don’t like it from a mechanical point either – It doesn’t work!

On several occasions, I’ve been trying to get the attention of an NPC only to have them start talking but also have them moving away so the reply box closes and I have to run after them. This is happening with such regularity that I really think it needs a patch to sort it out.

I have a deep love for my rifles – Throughout many playthroughs of the Fallout games that I’ve had over the years one thing has always remained consistent – I love the rifles these games have on offer, particularly the Hunting Rifle, a bolt action rifle that feels amazing to shoot. Luckily for me then that I found a body of a rifle pretty quick in the game and have been devoting myself to upgrading it, modifying the frame, changing the barrel and stock as well as adding a fancy scope that now makes it my go to for long-mid range combat.

A Skelton is more than enough – One thing I’ve always liked about the Fallout games is the world building itself. These a world that clearly has hours and hours of time and effort poured into every location and building. Many of the games building have tiny vignette stories that show you just a glimpse of what was life before bombs dropped. These tiny moments that you can only read on black and green screens and infer from the charred husks of the dead are among some of the games more powerful moments. These silent stories allow you the player to glean only the smallest details of the dead, forcing you to eulogise on their behalf for a few moments when all is quiet.

For instance, this Diner I stumbled across while trying to escape a firefight had me take a moment to try and understand what happened there.


I’ll probably write about this subject at length in a few weeks time, but when you’re playing for yourself look around at a few of these scenes and see what you make of them.

So that’s another roundup of my thoughts on Fallout 4, now excuse me while I go polish my rifle again……


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