What I’ve Done this Week: Week 30

Fallout Bloody 4, That’s what I’ve done this week….. And worked in a bar where I quickly learning how people become nihilistic after surveying those around them. Just kidding, actually quite enjoy bar-work, I’m a bit slow, but I’m getting better.

But you care not for my booze peddling antics (Those will be saved for my new blog “The Passed Out Blog” So let’s talk about what I’ve been up to with my writing.

Having played roughly 15 hours or so of Fallout 4 I believe I’m really starting to get into it in a big way. I’m loving my time going through the ruins of Boston and finding new and interesting quests to discover. I did have some initial reservations about various newer systems to the game but as I’ve played on I’ve managed to fumble my way through.

Part one of my thoughts is after 6 or so hours and mostly deals with some initial reactions I had to new systems and the games intro. While Part two is after another five hours and really starts to get into the more interesting and clever parts of the game.

My work hasn’t just been on the blog this week, I also penned a piece for Indie Haven about certain games which I love but can only play through once. A games replayability is often touted as a feature, but I have the issue that after I’ve forged my own personally story I no longer want to see what other paths may show.

Over the next week I’m not sure how much writing I’ll be able to do since I’ve got a few more long shifts towards the end of the week, but I should have a part 3 of thoughts on Fallout 4 on Tuesday so stay tuned for that.


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