Fallout 4 Thoughts – Part 3

As my exploration of the Boston, wasteland continues I find myself falling more and more in love with it. Each new ruined building I skulk my way through reveals the glimpse of something bigger, pushing me onwards to play for just a few more minutes.

What Story? – I’m now firmly in the mid-game of the F4 experience and it’s fair to say I’m loving every moment. I’m tweaking my armour, upgrading my guns and even building up a sizable collection of settlements under my control. One thing I haven’t even made a dent in is following the story in any meaningful way. I got to Diamond City, talked to some woman and then left to go forge my own path across the wastes.

This is a common symptom in all Bethesda games, they create worlds dying to be explored in your own way that you’re destined to forget the “Main” plotline that is meant to be your characters motivation. It’s almost reaching the point where I 1. Feel sorry for the writers of these games who get the main storyline forgotten about and 2. Wonder why they persist with having the main storyline at all? Mostly likely to act as a framing device to your existence.

Play That Funky Music – One part of the recent Fallout games I’ve loved is the radio stations they have on offered for the player to listen to. Each game has its main radio station such as GNR (Galaxy News Radio) and New Vegas Radio that I spent so long listening to I’ve pretty much learnt all the songs they play off by heart.

When I first started playing F4 and tuned into the radio for the first time I was a little disappointed to find it playing “I Don’t Want to Set the World on Fire” By the Inkspots on. Not because it’s a bad song but because it was a song that helped define Fallout 3 in a lot of ways. It was used it’s advertising and the opening cinematic. That song was Fallout 3 in a nutshell. As I continued to listen to the radio other familiar songs such as Butcher Pete from New Vegas started playing and I really became concerned that F4 has no originality in its playlist.

The real personality from Diamond City radio comes from it’s very special host; Travis. Travis is a delicate soul, too nervous and cowardly to be out on in the wasteland and also too cowardly for most any task other than reporting the news. When I first heard Travis I wasn’t really sure what to make of him, his constant spluttering and pausing was slightly irritating at first and was a far cry for the pleasant tones of Three Dog and Mr New Vegas. But as time went on I started to find myself growing rather fond of Travis and his anxious ways.

I’ve done little in the way of quest lines that Travis will report on, but those he does are typically done really well and are really funny. So far my personal favourite is when Travis tries to stay calm during a new pieces then just breaks down and starts shouting away from the microphone in panic for a few seconds. When I first heard it it was hysterically funny and still causes me to chuckle whenever it is replays

Still in Love with my guns – Just thought you should know,.





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