Fallout 4 Thoughts – Part 4

It’s been a busy week for me in terms of real life work, but it’s also been a busy one for me in terms of gamings. I was finishing off the Telltale Game of Thrones series and writing up a review for Indie Haven, as well as getting back into Civ 5. But most importantly of all I’ve been playing an absolute fuck-ton of Fallout 4.

BTW Have you Heard this? – So I and Matt Mckeown sat down (I assume he was sitting) and chatted for about an hour about Fallout 4 and our thoughts of it. It’s pretty casual stuff, but it’s great fun to listen to and Matt is a really funny guy.

The Podcat was recorded last week so a few opinions I’ve had since then have changed.

GOTY, MAYBE? – Look, we all know that Game of the Year awards are basically meaningless and really stupid and only help fan the flames of fanboy wars on various forums. That being said as I start formulating my own end of year award content (I’m nothing if not hypocritical) I’m coming to the idea that Fallout 4 maybe the most fun game I’ve played this year, not the best graphically, technically or from a storytelling point of view (2015 was a subpar year for game stories)  but the one I’ve had the most fun playing.

This probably stems from being so familiar, I’ve played a lot of both Bethesda games (Not the old Interplay ones because I’m not a real gamer) so after learning about a few of F4’s own eccentricities It was pretty much like putting on a nice pair of slippers, riding a bike before doing a wee tad of oral sex on a loved one….You never forget how*. That being said, I know how to kick a lot of ass in Batman games so why aren’t I talking about Arkham knight as a possible GOTY contender? Oh I don’t know

Enter the Collector – My time with F4 has become much like my time with the other Bethesda game, after many hours of being weak and unskilled I’m now a demigod with so much firepower it would now take a combined task force of Super Mutants, Brotherhood of Steel and Children of the Atom to actually kill me.

This sense of inevitable immortality has lead me much like  Tanleer Taivan AKA the Collector from the Marvel comics universe to become somewhat of a collector of every rare and unique piece of weaponry and armour I can find just so I can stash it in a trunk out of site from the rest of the world. I don’t know why I do this, I just happen to do this in ever Elder Scrolls, Fallout, Bioware game I can because I am a weirdly anal person about collecting things.

Do you collect all powerful weapons and armour pieces just to keep them from everyone else? I’m thinking of setting up a support group for people like us.

Oh yeah one thing I forgot to mention that I’ve been doing this week was watching Jessica Jones, which I have been doing and loving so much. I may writing a bit about it next week.

*I don’t know why but I’ve been making a lot of off colour jokes today and this is one of the only one’s I’ve not edited out for taste reasons.


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