The Played Out Blog End of the Year Awards Season

My, My what a year 2015 has been. We’ve laughed, we’ve cried, we’ve even played a few games from time to time. As the year draws to an end it’s time for we at the Played Out Blog (Just me) to start giving away meaningless awards that will ultimately be forgotten by the world until the heat death of the universe renders all life meaningless.

Here over the next month I will be putting up daily awards posts highlighting the games, the writing and the characters who deserve such a spotlight. Some of the more ordinary awards will range from “Best Storytelling” to “Best Soundtrack” while other awards will be a little more specialised and esoteric.

So please sit back and relax over the next month as I announce the winners to the 2nd annual Played Out Blog Awards… Unless you’ve got other things to do this month, hoilday season is typically very busy and you’ve probably got family to visit, presents to buy, food to devour etc. So sit back and relax momentarily while you read each award post, then carry on with the rest of your life.


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About PropeRob

All round song and dance man with penchant for quoting Jeeves and Wooster and Toberlone's. Known to drone on about Video Games and geeky bollocks to anyone who can't escape in time.

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