The Best Bot of the Year Award

As famous lyricists and philosopher, Sir Mix-a-Lot once opined “Man, I like big bots” Bot, of course, is a derivation of the Czech word “Robot” which in its native tongue means slave but which has taken on a whole new meaning in this enlightened age. The best robots, however, are not our slaves, but our friends, piles of chips and circuits that bring joy to our hearts and put a smile on even the grumpiest of faces.

One Bot, in particular, was such a breath of fresh air that I had to come up with my own contrived way of talking about her some more  and that is, of course, Gorty from Tales from the Borderlands.

Voiced by Ashley Johnson (She had a minor role in the Avengers don’t you know* Also was Ellie in the Last of Us, probably should have led with that.) Gorty was the highlight of a game that was already a whole bunch of highlights stitched together and given life.

I love Robots with personalities, there is just something about them that is so endearing to me and Gorty comes top of my list when it comes to awesome Robots, the others being R1-10 from Timespiltters and Ultron from Age of Ultron.

*Not Even joking, here! She was Beth the Waitress who Cap made eyes at in a deleted scene. No, it is not sad that I know this!



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One response to “The Best Bot of the Year Award”

  1. M. Joshua Cauller says :

    Great call. Gortys totally should win Best Bot award. Great pick!

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