Missed Opportunity of the Year award

When a game development team are given the keys to a well-known licence or source material, they have the rare opportunity to stamp their own mark on someone else’s work. Over the last few years, we’ve seen Warner Bros take on Batman and Lord of the Rings lore with decent success and I was looking forward to seeing what they could do with a source material that at the time I didn’t know that well – Mad Max.

A third person action game with a heavy focus on car customization and combat in a vast with limited resources scattered around for the player to find. To call Mad Max formulaic would be an understatement, borrowing as it did heavily from Rocksteady’s time with Batman.

Mad Max had the freeflow combat because Batman had it

Mad Max had an open world because Batman had it.

Mad Max had car combat because…. No, wait that is an important part of the Mad Max world.

As a game I can’t bring myself to hate Mad Max, you can’t really hate something in which see massive potential for in the future. Try something new with the licence, don’t leap to open worlds every time. Try make a game with a Fury Road like structure perhaps, a smaller 6-8 hours of intense action packed fun instead of a sporadic 30-hour slog fest with moments of excitement.


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