The “WTF Were you thinking” award

For the first time for the Played Out Awards (Should I just starting using the abbreviation POA?) we have two joint finalists for today’s prize for “WTF were you thinking”. As a category, this award is dedicated to all the mind-boggling business decisions that various publishers make, both of the winners of this award win because they both made the same moronic choice and I was having a hard time deciding who was the dumbest of the two. So please give a hand to Warner Bros and Square Enix for releasing their games at the same time as two of the most hotly anticipated games of the decade.

First up we have Warner Bros who pig-headedly decided to release the so-so Mad Max up against the behemoth that is MGSV. It’s hard to overstate just how stupid an idea that is but I’m going to try. By releasing a game, you surely know is just “Ok”* against the brain child of one of video gaming’s most singular voices like Kojima you are basically wanting your game to die. It’s like offering up your child to be mauled to death by a Bear just so the Bear can parade the child’s body through the streets exclaiming “I DID THIS IN MY SLEEP!”

Next we have Square Enix releasing the rather brilliant Rise of The Tomb Raider the same day as Fallout 4. Now by all accounts Rise is a very good game and one of the best the Xbox One has to offer at time of writing. But surely to release it the same day that every PC, PS4 and Xbox One player is going to be rushing to get Fallout 4 is folly. Why couldn’t they have waited a week or two? Go up against Just Cause 3 and I’d wager that Lara would castrate Rico, console exclusivity or not.



*Companies know when they’ve got a ‘meh game on their hands, they do have taste


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