Best Quest of the Year

It’s the Bloody Baron Quest line from the Witcher 3! What other quest lines this year was going to bloody win? Seriously, which!???? Answer me, coward.

Sure as shit not going to be anything Fallout 4 could muster, I hope I never see bloody Shaun again!


So yeah, the Bloody Baron Questline in Witcher 3 has some of the best writing and characterization that I’ve seen from any game ever. This one quest is worth the price of the entire game in how it takes you on a journey with a man who by all rights you should hate from the start when you learn of what’s he’s done.

But you can’t hate him, not really.

As you discover the truth of what has occurred and how it weighs on him you want to help this man. I never cared about Geralt finding Ciri or shacking up with one of two witches. I care about trying to help a foolish man find some sort of redemption for the things he’s done.



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