The “Most Forgettable New IP of the Year” Award

In any year, it can be easy to forget what has and hasn’t come out that year, particularly in a year such as 2015 when there have been so many big name titles being released. A few days ago I awarded Dying Light the dubious honour of the “Remember this Game” Award. The award itself is a tongue in cheek way of reminding you that yes Dying Light did come out this year and yes that it was kind of great. Today’s Award goes to the other side of the coin, the game that came out this year that the world promptly forgot about after only a few days of its release.

And The Winner is…..Evolve For being so gosh darn forgettable.

As a game Evolve had a novel concept to it, teams of 4 human characters fighting against one human-controlled monster who would slowly evolve to be bigger, better and more badass. The game was clearly going for a modern Giant Citizen Kubato like vibe but failed on almost every level to achieve any grip on the gaming public.

Unfortunately, this core concept was mired in DLC based nonsense that so confused the living shit out of anyone interested enough to play it that the world quickly decided “You know what, I’ll wait for a sale or something” Unable as it was to get people playing it in a big way, this game quickly fell off the collective gaming radar. In fact you had completely forgotten this game existed until I just reminded you with this Award post.


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