Best Multiplayer-only game

As a rule, I’m generally a single player sort of guy. I give many multiplayer only games such as Star Wars Battlefront and Evolve a wide birth thanks to my internet connection on my PS4 being a bit shitty and those games typically being too demanding on my mid-range PC. There are however a handful of multiplayer only titles that have caught my interest and today’s winner is one game that has had me playing it on a near daily basis for the last six months.

Heroes of the Storm is one of this MOBA game that all the kids and South Koreans love these days. Using heroes and villains from Blizzards huge roster of characters from many several IPs, the game is perhaps the most newb-friendly MOBA  on the market and considering it’s free to play that’s all the more reason to pick it up.

The game differs from most MOBA games in how it has a range of different maps, each with unique objectives which help keep each match fresh. Instead of having you push three lanes as you would in say DOTA, you can complete objectives such as capture a point on the map or collect three orbs which appear and these will give your team an advantage in the fight.

It’s these objectives that help create organic team fights and situations where everyone on the team gets stuck in and has a whale of a time. I’ve been playing since it’s official release and the moment I stop writing this I’ll probably go play some more.

*Have just started playing Helldivers on the PC and I’m starting to love that. Could have been a contender if I had had more time with it.


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