Biggest Disappointment of the Year Award

This Award should have gone up on the 13th, but I had been away for most of the day and didn’t have the energy to put it up so enjoy today’s 2 for 1

As someone who does his best to keep abreast of all the most recent gaming news, trailers and release I’m prone to getting excited about things that I won’t be playing for a long time. This gives this excitement time to gestate within me until it reaches the point that the real thing couldn’t possibly live up to the idea in my head and very often I’m left a little disappointed by the finished product.

Today’s winner is then is a game whose very premise and creator had me salivating for its release and as time went by I found I just couldn’t bring myself to love it as I had hoped – So the winner is Telltale’s Game Of Thrones Series.

Yes, the first episode of this game was released in 2014, but the vast majority of it played out through 2015 so I’m classing it as a 2015 game so fully eligible. Over the last few year’s Telltale brought them up from relative obscurity into one of the best known Indie developers out there thanks to their wonderful story driven games such as the Walking Dead and Wolf Among Us. These games showed the world that Telltale could take well known and established IPs and make their own mark in a way that was often just as compelling as the source material.

So when it was announced that they were to be making a game sent in the world of GRR Martin’s Game of Thrones (Yes, I know it’s called a Song of Ice and Fire) I was pumped to see what such a creative force could do.

Unfortunately, what they turned out in their first season was a bit of a dry retreading of the life and times of the Stark family, but with the added issue that nothing they did had any effect on the rest of the world. Writing a compelling, new and engaging story in the world where the rules and events are so strict was always going to be a challenge and it’s one I’m not sure that Telltale were ready for. A sequel to this series has been confirmed and with more time to craft their own unique stories in Westeros I think they could do some great things in the future, it’s just that they didn’t deliver this time round.



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