Biggest Surprise of the Year

Every year there are one or two games that I’m recommended by someone whose taste I trust that turn out to be pretty damn fantastic. Today’s winner of the “Biggest Surprise of the Year” goes to a game which I had all but written off as a daft idea but which I was persuaded to try out and by Jove am I happy I did because this game is fantastic.

Tales From the Borderlands was the other series that Telltale ran over this last year and it’s perhaps the polar opposite of the rather tepid mehfest that was Game of Thrones. Tales From the Borderlands took a world and setting that I had never really cared for and transmuted it into one of the most fun and unique sci-fi universes out there. With characters who I actually cared about and who I loved spending time with.

And the most surprising part of the whole package: It was bloody hilarious. Now the borderlands setting has always attempted humour, but it’s always been a slightly off-putting brand internet ready meme-baiting, where there was a clearly a hope that every punch line would become a T-shirt slogan. But here in Tales, the humour worked perfectly, using the absurdity of the games world and creating something hysterically funny.

The reason this game was such a big surprise to me was that I had no interest in playing anymore Borderlands games. The series shooter titles are extremely dull and repetitive to me* so having this world made accessible to me by creating an interesting narrative was exactly what I needed/wanted to be curious about another Borderlands game (Which there will be after Battleborn flops on release)


*Yes, I know this series has acted as a wonderful way for couples to bond together, so maybe I should go find someone to love then get them to play with me…… See what I did there?


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