The “Where did that game come From” Award

Some games come out of nowhere and completely surprise us with just how good they are right from the start. Typically these games come from the Indie sector as most triple A games are hyped to all hell before release just in case one lad in Cheshire doesn’t know about them yet. Today’s winner was just such an indie game which stunned us all by being really fun and that game is Rocket League!

Coming out in July this year, Rocket League immediately found an audience when it was given away as part of the PlayStation + monthly giveaway to members. Almost overnight Rocket League become the game people were playing with their friends and solo, always trying to pull off ever more impressive goals (Or just ramming into everyone you could.)

I myself found that I enjoyed Rocket League enough to keep playing for a couple of weeks, always trying to improve my skills as a goalkeeper (I was shit to begin with and I remain shit to this day)

The thing that most surprised me about Rocket League was just how big a hit it became from out of nowhere. Such a level of success for what I believe to be a relatively small developer would have been almost unimaginable for any single player game, but thanks to the chaotic multiplayer and the leg up this game received from PS+ this game has been one of 2015 most surprising hits.


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