The “This is what games can be” Award

Some games almost transcend the word and meaning of “Game” instead becoming something wholly unique and special. The winner of this award today didn’t come out in 2015, but instead was rereleased onto the PS4, giving me the chance at last to “play” it. Today’s winner is Journey and it is truely breath taking.

This may sound hyperbolic, insincere or just plain stupid, but to me experience Journey as I did was the cloesest thing I’ve ever felt to having a religous experience. As a nonbeliver (Wow a young atheist white guy on the internet, truely a rare thing) I wouldn’t say I’ve ever felt the guiding presence of some high power in my life but with Journey I felt something. A pull to carry on, to make a pilgrimage along with strangers to a place whose meaning I knew nothing of.

As distant figures become other players I found companionship in their hums and whistles, toghter we guided one another on. Playfully we skidded down sand dunes and fearfully we hid togther from fearful beasts crafted from living stone. I danced through living fabric, swam through it’s woven tendrils in a way that may stay with me forever.

What Journey made me feel was unique to me. You may feel something different when you take the first steps on your Journey but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t try it.



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