The “This game seems rad but it just doesn’t appeal to me” Award

You see that? I just used the word rad! Who does that? Any way to keep up today’s old school theme today’s award winner goes to a game that is both old school and new school (Is there a new school yet?) and that game is Undertale for both being incredibly popular and interesting yet in no way do I want to play it for myself.

Coming out a few months ago, Undertale seemed to take certain members of the Indie press by storm in a big way. Here was a game similar to Earthbound (Another game I’ve never played) that used it’s mechanics to allow players to play the entire game without ever killing a single foe, instead persuading them to back down, give up or to go on dates with the player character.

I’m still not entirely sure how the game really works but then again I don’t think I need to to see the effect it’s had on a fanbase who’ve quickly grown to accept it into their hearts. Hell all that GameFAQs nonsense was caused by this game destroying the competition in a way that I can only assume destroyed the souls of ever Ocarina of Time fanboy ever.

The best explanation I’ve heard about Undertale came from when I sat down for the Indie Haven Podcast  with Laura Kate  so give that a listen if you.

As for me I’m still not persuaded to try the game out for myself. I can’t really put my finger the reason though, so maybe when I do have some free time to spend I may give it a go.


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