Top 10 Games of 2015 – 10 & 9

Apologies for no posts over the last few days. Work has been exhausting and I just couldn’t muster the energy to write.

Ok Folks, we’re getting serious now, It’s time to talk about some of my favourite games of the year and my word are there a lot of games to choose from. 2015 has had a bumper crop of excellent games to choose from and it falls to me (Or at least, the trained monkey I hired to write for me) to pick out the games that have stood out to me in a big way. So let’s start, as  is tradition with number 10

Cities Skylines- 10 – I ever tell you about all the time I spent as a youth playing Simcity 3000? How I loved to carefully design cities that barely functioned, always went bankrupt and that I had to cheat to make financially viable?  Well, It was a lot of time. To me, those days were a distant memory thanks to how meagre the pickings in this particular genre had become over the last decade or so. Praise the City planner in the sky then that we finally got a new game in the genre we can all agree is bloody fantastic in the form of Cities Skylines. In Skylines, building and managing brand new cities is both fun and in-depth allowing for you the player to quickly build the city you want. I’ve poured about 40 hours into the game so far and I’m expecting to pour a load more in when I decide to pick up the expansion…. Whoops, I’ve just gone and bought it.


Diablo 3 – Reaper of Souls – 9 – Recommended to me by a friend and picked up on a whim, Diablo 3: Reaper of Souls  for the PS4 was precisely what I needed at that time. An uncomplicated action RPG is not weighed down by anything other than the need to shower the player in awesome loot. Each class feels powerful (Apart from Witch Doctor which kinda feels racist) wrecking havoc on the battlefield and spraying the landscape with all manner of goodies to pick up and quickly salvage for parts because you’re sure as shit not replacing that legendary item anytime soon. A satisfying and uncomplicated thrill ride that I just love to pour my time into.

So that’s places 10 & 9 on the list down. Come back tomorrow for 8 and 7.



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