Top 10 games of 2015 – 6 & 5

Number 6 – Fallout 4 – So we have it, another one of this year truly massive games and we’re not even passed the halfway point. I loved Fallout 3, I loved Fallout New Vegas and I love Fallout 4, but, for the most part, these games are all incredibly similar so I felt compelled to knock it down a place or two in favour of some truly unique and special games. When I stop typing up this blog the first thing I do is probably go play some more Fallout 4 on my PS4, exploring the Boston Wasteland some more to see what treasures it hides. I wish I was able to say that this game had some unique parts to it, but it just doesn’t other than a conversation systems that feels bad to use and enemies that sort of move in VATS mode. Still a hell of a game and one I’m definitely getting my money worth from.


Number 5 – Journey – I said it before and I’ll say it again that playing Journey was the closest I’ve ever come to having a religious experience and it’s a game I’ll never forget. Yes, it didn’t originally come out in 2015 but this is my awards season so to hell with the facts. I’m not going to drone on about this game much more (You can read my droning here)  I’m just going to give the game a go, you won’t regret it. With how I gushed over this game you may have expected me to rank it a bit higher on the list…. Well to hell with your expectations, they belong with those rotten little facts you were trotting out earlier.




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